The Art of Krump – Journey to Heaven

… it actually helps you … go up.

I’d never heard of Krump(ing) before this video. Really is amazing stuff.

If you look at those in the audience, no one is judging or laughing. They are all supportive, sympathetic, respectful of what someone else is trying to express. In fact, I watched this video several times, just to watch the audience. Standing on the sidelines, they did their bit to help elevate those performing. They would raise their arms and shout, as if passing their energy on to sustain the performer.

In such a crazy society as ours, it’s interesting that these sub-culture movements develop as a way to release. For those who Krump there is an element of absolutely letting go, a complete surrender of the body to that thing that is at your very core.

To me, this doesn’t look like just releasing anger, but also pain. Heaven is mentioned several times, with Krump as a way to ‘help you go up’.

The filmmakers did a great job with this. The music and the slow motion set the mood beautifully.