About Me

Some of the many hats I wear … Sculptor / 3D Modeller / Digital Artist / Filmmaker / Photographer / Writer.

I also freelance, creating digital experiences for agencies and brands.

Other things you may or may not find interesting about me …

  1. I think in pictures.
  2. I have the same personality type as these people.
  3. I like Scandinavian things.
  4. I crave stories and love powerful storytelling.
  5. I am an ‘ideas’ person. I get excited by the potential of things.
  6. I NEVER blow my nose in public.
  7. I like to make things with my hands.
  8. I am based in London.
  9. I don’t like milk.
  10. I am still wondering what I will become.
  11. Music and art move me deeply deepest.
  12. I am very resourceful, good at turning nothing into something.
  13. I am the most interested in the things ‘under the surface’.
  14. I sleep with the lights on.
  15. My favourite superhero is Martian Manhunter (DC Comics). Loved him in the old Justice League cartoons.
  16. I love mythology. Read every story I could as a child, and it all stuck. I think this is why I also like comics.
  17. I need space to think.
  18. I constantly get stared at by babies … and cats.
  19. I get my best ideas just before I go to sleep and just as I wake up.
  20. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.